A direct mail campaign is still one of the most effective ways of marketing your company. For any marketing campaign the most critical elements are the quality & accuracy of your data, as well as ensuring you have identified your target audience. The more time spent getting the quality of your data correct, the more responsive your campaign will be. This can also help in qualifying for postage discounts.

Data Quality

Correctly addressed mail helps reduce mailing wastage, save money and create a better corporate image. Using the right addresses also ensure prompt and reliable delivery of communications meaning you will get a better response. Should you require this type of service, we can put you in touch with a reliable data company, who will be able to source data to your requirements and to PAF standard. The postcode address file (PAF) is a complete database of every address in the UK to which mail is delivered, together with its appropriate postcode. The database contains over 28 million addresses of consumers, businesses and other organisations. PAF is produced by the royal mail and is updated quarterly.

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